Episode 2: Learning to Learn, Running with Purpose, & Building a Legacy with Josh Moore

Hosts Drew Dargen and Scott Moehlenbrock sit down with Josh Moore, Owner of Moore Quality Homes, to discuss his career in real estate development and how a challenging childhood experience taught him the importance of giving back to one’s community

Urban Dirt Podcast | 2: Learning to Learn, Running with Purpose, & Building a Legacy with Josh Moore

Connect with Josh Moore via the links below!

Josh Moore: Email / Instagram / LinkedIn

Moore Quality Homes: 405-590-8665 / Email / Website

Turning Point Ministries: Website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter


[00:00] Introduction

[02:29] Josh talks about how he got into long distance running, which ultimately led to multiple marathons and triathlons, including the Red Man Triathlon

[06:35] Relationship with Bruce Bockus formed through swimming training (Bockus Payne Architecture). “The journey is often times more impactful than the actual accomplishment itself.”

[09:50] Josh’s dad’s accident.

[10:29] Josh explains his “Why” – the reason why running means so much to him

[13:26] Josh uses his running experience as a metaphor for life and business

[15:34] The small town of Hooker, Oklahoma

[16:12] Josh’s Dad learns how to live at Craig Hospital in Denver, Colorado

[16:50] Two hilarious stories from Josh’s dad’s rehabilitation – backwards jeans and missing swim trunks

[17:56] Josh’s dad ministers to other families at Craig Hospital, goes on a speaking tour, and writes a book called Earthquakes and Attitudes

[19:40] The overwhelming community response in Hooker after Josh’s dad’s accident and how they helped build a handicap accessible home for the Moore Family

[21:45] “One of those powerful community things that will stick with me for the rest of my life.”

[22:30] The importance of shelter and the importance of community service

[23:12] Family moves to Colorado after Josh’s 8th grade year.

[23:55] Josh talks about his high school experience 

[26:03] Josh discusses his college decision-making process and his budding interest in architecture – ends up enrolling at the University of Central Oklahoma

[29:56] “If you do this again they’re not going to invite you back.” Josh’s dad’s quote when Josh brought home his first semester grades from UCO

[30:09] Josh discusses “learning how to learn” 

[33:15] Uncovering the joy of reading

[33:39] Josh talks about his internship with the Edmond Economic Development Authority (EEDA) which ultimately led to his first full-time job. 

[34:00] Josh discusses economic development, and explains the unique setup in Oklahoma – the only state in the country where towns rely on sales tax and schools rely on property tax. Edmond invests heavily in their economic development. 

[37:47] The days when Edmond was hoping and wishing they’d attract a shopping mall

[42:01] Examples of public/private partnerships between EEDA and local developers:

[44:50] Josh talks about his favorite addition to his resume and the importance of “Municipal Approval”.

[48:04] Josh talks about his transition to his next career move (including getting his real estate license) with Turner and Company

“All I needed was ambition and the willingness to learn.”

“It was my first taste of becoming a workaholic.”

[51:58] Story about the “White Fences” development with Turner and Company 

[53:50] Josh gets his first taste of being a Project Manager on a new development project.

[58:10] “Suburban Strip Center” his first million dollar project.

“The numbers blew me away. Kathy looked at me and said, ‘Josh, they’re just numbers.’”

[59:50] DLO project (Diagnostic Labs of Oklahoma)  — 70,000 square foot, $15 million development – by far the highest level project of Josh’s career

“Being tied to one thing for that long did not fit my brain.”

[01:02:06] “Learning how to adult” = making his first real investment at the age of 24 in the form of two rental properties ($105,000 total). 

“I need to establish some side hustles and tax deductions.”

“The best buys are the ones that don’t have a sign in the front yard.”

[01:09:50] “Hacking the zoning code”

[01:15:17] Crown Heights project aka Project 43 — “two by two”, 11 single family homes.

[01:19:35] Story of how Moore Quality Homes was started.

“I started feeling this pull that maybe the next step is Moore Quality Homes. I could get hired to build beautiful homes for people.”

Clegern Place 

“If I’m going to take this next step, THIS is the perfect piece of land to do it on.”

[01:27:44] Josh talks about bringing on a partner for the Clegern Place project while also ending a chapter in his professional life with Turner and Company.

“It was my responsibility whether this worked or not.”

[01:33:20] “You need to make good friends with the neighbors. Communicating with and meeting the neighbors was really important to us right away.”

Josh taught himself SketchUp and put together an informational packet to hand deliver to the neighbors.

[01:42:03] Josh discusses his “Cost Plus” model of building a custom home.

[01:46:49] Additional investments:

  • 160 acre development in the Deer Creek district
  • 10 acre infill project on 15th street in Edmond

[01:52:50] Josh discusses his involvement with Turning Point Ministries 

“I couldn’t imagine being in this business and NOT being a part of something that gives back to the community.”

[01:56:13] “Coming full circle”: Josh discusses his new role as a City Councilman for the city of Edmond.

“I have a chance to show my kids how you can really make an impact and be involved in the community.”

“It is a wonderful opportunity and a very humbling role to be a leader in Edmond and be a part of the growth.

[02:02:07] What’s next? 

[02:04:00] Closing thoughts, final words of wisdom.

“Fill your time with something productive.”

“Find a mentor.”

[02:10:30] Josh’s book suggestions:

[02:13:10] Purchase of $100 or less that has been particularly impactful?

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2 thoughts on “Episode 2: Learning to Learn, Running with Purpose, & Building a Legacy with Josh Moore”

  1. I’m extremely proud of my son and very thankful for his wisdom to use the gifts and talents given to him by his Creator God. His late father, Gary Moore is beaming with pride from heaven for the son he loved more than life itself. I look forward to more of Josh’s amazing work in the future.

    1. You should be SO proud, Rhonda! Josh is an exceptional human being – you and Gary did a phenomenal job raising a first-class son! We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to give Josh a platform to share his story.

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